I'm consideTransit Connect

I'm considering the Transit Connect as a passenger vehicle. I'm wondering if Ford has any plans to make as an option a satellite radio? I think it would made a great addition to the vehicle.
Brad Barefoot 10/30/2011
I agree Sat/Radio for the Transit Connect, but lets look at a few other small but usefull features. 1- auto headlamp feature like the Fusion, 2- a power door lock button on either the dash like the Fusion, 3- make the second row of seats adjustable with sliders to give the rear passengers more leg room. These are three small but what I would look for in a mini-van. With the demise of the Dodge Caravan, and GM's lack of a mini-van at all, not even the HHR will be around it's gone too. People will be looking a mini-van/wagon to replace you have it right here. One other thought ... with production coming stateside maybe a lo-top version like in the UK, we do have some garages that I think the TC won't go into. I'm a car guy, and an old advertising guy, give the customer ... features, advantages, and benefits, and you win every time.