Idea For A New Ranger (READ THIS FORD)

By Al L.

Here is what I thought up for the 2012 Ranger if it was made.

Engine choices: Ecoboost l4 210hp, 230lb ft of torque and 30 mpg highway.

The current 4.0 (because it's reliable) with new age technology in it, such as direct injection, VVTI, DOHC (or SOHC, to make it lighter) 24 valve.
Making 320Hp and 340lb ft of torque and 25 mpg anyone?

Trim levels, FX4 level II FX4, XLT, Xl,

The exterior will look similar to the ranger now, but refined.

Interior wil let significant upgrades, smaller layout of the F-150's interior. Full 4 doors option.

Xl: basic work truck, with options such as fog lights, ect.

XLT: step up from XL, nicer interior with standard fog lights if you chose 4x4 as an option, leathe seat optional, tow hooks optional, ect.

FX4: Standard fog lights, optional auxiliary switches as seen on the raptor and super duty, optional front and rear locker, the 02-04 (I think) silver tow hooks, 4 suicide door standard, full 4 door optional, black interior, color inserted seats, Alcoa rims, 31 inch tires, and fender flares, rancho shocks, making the truck sit an inch higher than a xlt, and optional 02-03 twin sticks and front skidplate.

Level II: standard features of the fx4, but with standard lockers, full body skidplate, standard twin sticks, sitting 2 inches higher than the xlt, alcoa's sitting on 32's black interior, blacked out headlights/taillights, front camera seen on the raptor optional.

As for payload/towing, max payload in bed 2,300 lbs. Max towing 7,700lbs.
4 wheel disk breaks.

If you did this, you could see a major increase in sales. And i guarantee it wont interfear with F-150 Sales.
By getting rid of the ranger, your not steering people towards the F-150.
By getting rid of it your just diverting your costumers towards competitors such as the new Colorado that will be here in a few years, and the Tacoma.
Walter South 02/15/2012
The Ranger was successful, but the body panel dies were probably worn out from stamping the same parts for so long. It was ready for a complete re-do which is very costly. The F series doesn't need help staying #1, but I think a modern F100 with today's drive train choices would fit in very well, especially if it is priced well below the F150. The E series has just been re-named.
Jim Hamby 01/06/2012
I agree Ford needs a Ranger in the Stable. My Wife 2002 Toyota Tacoma has a powerful gas siping V-6 4 doors and is easy for me to work on. I have a 98 S-10 i4 cyl it has almost 200000 miles and still runs well way to small but it was almost giving to me during a crisis. I hate to admit it but it is much more truck then any of the rangers I have driven in the same model year, and options. I work on them all and have to admit The Toyota Tacoma is the Gold Standard for mid size trucks. A Mustang powerplant in a ground up redesign with a Ranger badge would be on my short list to buy.
brian 12/27/2011
Please bring the new mid-sized ranger from Australia to America. Not everyone has room in their garage or fuel budget to own a F150.
Marilyn Scott 12/22/2011
I heard replacing the Ranger with the F100 was more of a marketing thing. It might have been something to the effect of: replacing the Ranger with something with F in its name would allow Ford to claim something like "F series trucks most popular trucks" because it would then be including the market that the Ranger used to have.
Robert Todd 12/22/2011
Funny how super large corporations decide how to do things like drop two sucessful products, (Ranger & E series) while the competing corporations go full speed ahead with their competing vehicles. I know these moves confuse their dealers. When I go to my local dealer to pick up parts, all I hear is complaints. What next, the Mustang?