Help with the elderly

I take care of an elderly gentleman who has Alzheimers. He loves to go for car rides but sometimes it is not always possible to take him out for a drive. I have experienced this need 'to go out for a drive' in several of my patients. When they are in the car they are lulled into a calm state;where before the ride they are very agitated.

Would it be possible for Ford engineers to design a motion machine that could produce the experience of riding in a car but it would not really go anywhere? I know it would not be possible for such a thing in a home setting but I would imagine such a machine would be of great use in a nursing home situation, especially in working with Alzheimer's patients.

Thank you for any consideration you can give to this idea,

Judith Talbot
Eileen 10/06/2013
Very good idea, but the moving scenery helps a lot, too. just like the videos of walking or driving roads and paths that one can watch while using exercise equipment.