Heads Up Display for Cell Phone Navigation and Directions

By Jim J.

A lot of vehicles have built in Navigation, but there are millions of other vehicles on the road that don't have built in Navigation but instead use smart phones or cell phone navigation. Using a cell phone for GPS for Navigation in vehicles is very common, however looking at the small screen while driving can be difficult and dangerous. Having a portable Heads Up Display unit which can take the images from your cell phone GPS Map and Directions and display them on the windshield in front of the driver. Great way for the driver to see maps directions and graphics without taking their eyes off the road.

A small reverse projector slide that would affix on the dash in fron of the driver that would transmit the maps or directions from their cell phone GPS app and display it on the front windhield of the car, can also show current speed. The small projector could affix on the car dash with a velcro pad to stay in place. Unit can be wired into the usb connection on their smart phone or perhaps use a blue tooth connection.