Hard Drive Music Storage

Offer Hard Drive Music Storage so we can load our songs/playlists into the car, an play them without the phone being connected. Also, offer WiFi connectivity to my home network, so I can manipulate my on board song library while my car is in my garage.
Richard G 12/02/2012
I am voting for this not as much for the hardrive but the home network connectivity. The built is WiFi is a waste let me use it to push songs, navigation favorites, alert information...
Also give the system the ability to copy your Cd's so you don't haft to deal with loading them while driving. Doing this can help reduce accidents especially with young driver's.
Make the hard drive size at least 500Gb so we can store a lot of music in the highest quality sound. Also have the system in 5.1 surround sound.
Christine Templin 06/29/2011
This would be nice.