Hands Free Microphone

When designing the new Exploder, the design team placed the Hands-Free Microphone in the headliner above and to the right the driver's head (but potentially behind anything inserted behind the raised visor). Also, since a major design criteria is to minimize construction and operating expenses (ie. make the vehicle lighter and/or cheaper to produce), the exterior body material (read that as sheet metal/aluminum) appears to be thinner, especially in the roof area. Therefore, when driving and using the Hands-Free system, audio pickup up by the roof-liner-mounted (and potentially unisolated) microphone is severly compromised by outside road noise and/or raindrops plinking on the roof (it can get very dramatic in the cabin when the rain starts). Is there a retrofit kit that will allow the microphone to be moved somewhere else in the cabin and not loose functionality (and maintain some noise cancellation capability) or can it be isolated from the road/vehicle body noise?