Grand Torino

I think since dodge has both the Challenger and the Charger, maybe the Grand Torino can be brought back and make it look like it did the 70's.
Joshua Willuhn 02/18/2012
hey! I agree. there was an idea on here "we need a bmw killer" and the new mustang does it but we need a sedan too, a sports sedan with RWD 4cyl - 5.0 with two OR four door. take out the bmws and benzs with one fair swoop, a new four door, new sedan and a drop top two seater call it a cougar and make it ultra light w/ the same engine options. that would take out the entire compeition, it would compete (and crush) the vette, m3, all of those audis plus the sedan and four door would add a cop car to your stable once again.....