Good Ole Diesel Power

I've been a huge Ford fan and know many, many Ford fan's. One thing I've noticed is that we all overall agree that one HUGE problem with Ford was the discontinue of the EVERLASTING, FORD TOUGH, ASTONISHING 99% OF TIME, CAN'T KILL AT ALL, OUT PERFORMING ALL OTHER'S WITH EASE 7.3L Turbocharged Diesel motor. Many of us would love to see this great motor brought back and I personally think that if brought back, Ford truck sales would so crazy the Dodge & Chevy might have to combine, pray, severe research and try to salvage something to claim competition knowing there is NONE for that great 7.3L supercharged V8.
joaquin r 01/27/2013
I didn't rate this idea because it not bad but not practical either. The EPA has killed diesel more than any truck manufacturer can. I know we need balance and an environment we can leave our kids but the reality is regulations have stifled performance and it takes serious R&D to combat that. That increased cost means smaller everything and plastic where metal once was. Finally, when you squeeze out all of the power available from less you have a lighter truck all which lends to the marketing aspects like GCVW, Tow and the rest. I'm not trying to preach just calling it like I see it.