Give us choice of Sync voices

By Ron A.

Give us more choices for Sync voices. Not only additional langugaes, but different English speakers. With Garmin I have have a male OR female American, Australian and English English speakers, and they have a few celebrity voices as well.

Put them on the Ford Social site, and let us downlaod the ones we want and then upload via SD card or USB port.
Jeff J 07/29/2013
I really do miss the pleasant tone of Garmin's voice when set to "British English." The one and only voice available from Ford's system is jarringly impersonal by comparison. I know you're thinking, of course it's impersonal; it's a machine! But seriously, listen to how downright friendly Garmin's voice is, and you'll know what I mean. This would be a great addition. Thanks for the suggestion!
Stan U 02/08/2013
I would rather they spend their time making it work as advertised.