By Jose G.

Well since I was a kid I've been dreaming of a car that can give you a driving experience out of this wrold. Long time I spend building space craft and cars that resembles, technology that can only be posible in comics or movies. Consequently every single detail in a vehicule should reflect(in my opinion) tha experience. A car should be just as fun as does times playing with your fantasy vehicule. To achieve that a car must look inside and out, just like we have always tought it should. I know the most dificult part would be achieveing that in the out (body), but inside the driver cabin have to offer all kinds of information and alerts. Not only lights but also sounds that report as an inteligent machine and his pilot woring in and exiting. Gauges analog or digitals, showing tire preasure, engine temperature and preasure, oil levels , hidrolics preasures, battery integrity, a/c preasuers etc. That kind of information is vital for the driver to adjust and proactivly enhance the vehicule life and performance. Imagine if you can note a low preasure on your a/c gauge. Instead of wait till it stop working, you will (normaly) proactivly fix it. But I really want to stress it this gauges should look space shuttle like. Conviniently space throut the dash board. Also making the front seat passenger a copilot. A vitla part of the driving experience, because he/she would be integrated to the driving habits of his driver. I am really exited with Ford, they are moving toward that experience.