my idea is simple, currently ford has a lot of sedan car but all those car are Front wheel Drive. for this reason i have a suggestion to make a new rare wheel drive car to be classified as sport sedan to attract new segment of the market . and to make this car i am suggesting to use the shape and the engines of the Mustang which mean all what you have to do is to make a new version of the Mustang which will be sedan car and has longer wheelbase.
David F 06/20/2013
Yes, if you want a four door sports car bring the Falcon to the US. But honestly there are not too many 2 door cars left. But the Mustang in my book is considerably more awesome than the Falcon despite interchangeable parts from the 60s.
I personally never want to see an actual Police Mustang in use. The dodge charger sedan looks horrific despite so many great features, and it doesn't have that muscular feel because it is a family/work-lunch break car as opposed to a car that Also looks great in the track.
Chris V 04/17/2013
Ford has this vehicle and it is in Australia. Bring the Ford Falcon to the USA!
Chris V 04/17/2013
Comment on this IDEA!
David F 04/08/2013
Stop trying to give the Mustang 4-doors!!
If you mean a 2-door sedan that still doesn't make it better, because if you want to race heavy Nascars 2-door sedans use the Fusion.
Mustangs have their roots in Trans Am Stock Car Racing, and that is for light powerful coupes!
If I am misinformed don't give me a history lesson I wasn't alive in the 60s. I'm just saying the mustang doesnt need 4 doors.