Ford Falcon

Import Australia's Ford Falcon into the United states as a a large family sedan and market the Ford Falcon ute as the Ford Ranchero. Bring FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) to U.S for people that want a performance version of the sedan or ute. The Falcon should have the Ford Barra engine to attract new buyers that are looking want something different from the Mustang, performance an feel wise. This would also allow for the Falcon to continue production in Australia and not be replaced with a car that doesn't compare and meet the same standards(Taurus).
I agree the US would love the Falcon Ute. I know I would buy one!
joey 07/22/2013
If only this happened, now the ford falcon does not exist anymore.
Tod B 12/25/2012
I would love a Falcon Sedan!!!
Kevin S 10/20/2012
The US needs the Ford Falcon UTE. I have owned El-Caminos and would love a modern version. Also there is no Ford Ranger anymore so there is a huge potential if you could bring a 30MPG pickup truck to the states