Ford Escort Station Wagon

I would like to see the Ford Escort Station Wagon re-introduced to the market. This is a fantastic auto with no problems with the engine or trans. The problem is that the underbody rusts out while the rest of the car can last for 100's of more miles. It was a mistake when Ford stopped makeing them. All of the wagons that are on the market now have the same problem. Everyone, loves the Escort wagon who ownes one and wishes the same thing. How about it Ford. The Escort was a good thing, I currently have a 1996 with 79.000 miles on it but, I can't keep it because of the rust underneeth. What a schame. This wagon is just the right size for me, I don't want anything larger.
Florence S 04/12/2012
I also own a Ford Focus wagon and am ready to purchase a new Ford Focus gas-powered wagon NOW.
Darrell G 03/26/2012
I fully agree that the Ford Focus Estate Wagon should be sold in the United States. It is a remarkable vehicle, and there is definitely a need for a small station wagon in the United States.
Brad Barefoot 10/18/2011
Agreed, a Focus wagon is the right idea. In the UK Ford has introduced the Focus Estate Wagon. The writer mentioned earlier would surly like what he will see there. Maybe Ford will bless the community of people who'd love to see the resurrection of the station wagon. The Focus wagon's aren't too far removed from the Fusion and would fill a genuine need. We don't need another SUV. With the addition of the 2.0 litre ecoboost engine it would be a real powerhouse. As far as the rust problem goes maybe the *undercoating idea from the past would help the Northern Tier customers who've experienced problems.