Ford Bronco

A new bronco based on the f150 only with a shorter frame but with all the same engines and trim levels with standard engine and gas tank skid plates on 4 wheel drive models and standard 5 passenger siting to appeal to small families or to the youth market with optional 4 wheel drive for those that will only drive in the city and a accessory soft top and roll bar to compete with the wrangler market
Kenneth Hughes 10/18/2011
Perhaps give it different edition like the F-150 like have a the basics XL XLT etc but also have a version like the Raptor.
Tony Bettis 10/03/2011
Love the idea of bringing back the Bronco. With failing quality in the Jeep family, there needs to be a alternate product to which the general market can turn. However, I believe there would be greater success with a Bronco about the size of the Early 1970's Bronco platform. It should intend on competing with the Jeep Wrangler, but offer better options. In today's conscientious society, perhaps Ford could offer a hybrid option; the hybrid power plant in the Escape is rather impressive. We use the hybrid Escape, offroad, in our Parks & Wildlife agency with much success. They are actually quite nice little vehicles. A clean diesel option might be enticing, as well.