F100 the Ranger replacment

The global Ranger would be welcome in Fords` lineup for the USA.
Bring it on over and call it the F100.
GM is continuing the small truck market with the new Colorado/Cannon.
Ford should continue in this market.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
Take the new updated Transit Connect cut the rear section off behind the front seat and make a pickup. That could be the 2015 Ford Ranger
Chris S 12/29/2012
If it would be bigger than the old Ranger I would be interested. I did like the size of the Dodge Dakota and my Explorer Sport Trac. And if it is made, make the rear window like that on the Explorer Sport Trac that powered down about 3/4 of the rear glass.
Corey G 12/12/2012
i would buy one today
james j 11/28/2012
We need an AFFORDABLE light duty truck. Please bring back the ranger I wont go to a F-150. I would switch to a tacoma.
Steve K 11/13/2012
Small business need a durable compact truck for chasing and delivering parts and finished goods. In my tool and die company we always used the ranger for 80% of these needs. I have always purchased Ford products and want to continue. My 2007 still has a few years left so please bring back a small durable truck with Eco-bost technology. I own a F250, F350 and Ranger for my business and put the most miles on the Ranger.