F-150 Supercab Short Box

Offer the F-150 super cab 5.5' bed In packages other than the Raptor. Many home builders have been building new homes with very shallow garages for several years. Because of this, any vehicle longer than your F-150 super cab with a 5 .5' box won't fit in these garages. Many vehicle buyers won't buy new vehicles unless their vehicles can be housed in a garage. I count myself among those. I own a 2009 F-150 XLT super cab with a 5 .5' box and it barley fits in my garage. I'm in the process of buying a new truck and I want a full size half ton truck with a super cab. The only truck Ford offers that meets my criteria and fits in my garage is the F-150 Raptor. Unfortunately, the F-150 Raptor is priced outside my budget. Ford already has the super cab with a 5 .5' chassis in place (Raptor), why not produce this combination in the other F-150 builds (XL/XLT/FX4/Lariat/etc.....)? At the very least, why not offer the super cab with a 5.5' box in the non-Raptor F-150 packages as a “special order”? I have been a lifelong Ford man and it is going to be very difficult for me to purchase a new truck from another manufacturer.
Tommy R 08/03/2014
Ford should definitely give more options, other than the Raptor, for the supercab with the 5.5 bed. I have been shopping for a used one or new for months and cannot locate one. I need to find one under 100,000 miles and they are basically non-existant.
David 01/25/2013
...through the 2009 (the first few years of the current bodystyle).
David 10/25/2012
It was already done--from 2004 through 2009 (the first year of the new body style, if that makes any difference) the SuperCab was available with a 5.5' box on a 133" wheelbase. They're almost nonexistent in some regions, fairly common in others...with luck, you'll find one. As for other manufacturers, Chevy/GMC is the only other one, and only available from 2006 ("classic" bodystyle) through 2008 or so...and without the pluses of owning a Ford.