DVD Headrests play on NAV system

I have a 2011 Ford Flex complete with Nav and DVD headrests. There is connectivity between the NAV and headrests as I can select which one I want to play over the speaker system. What I would like to see is the video being able to be displayed on the Nav as well. Of course this would only work while parked as this is how the system currently displays DVDs on the Nav. DVDs can be played on the Nav on its own. The headrests can be slaved to each other to view the same DVD but there is no video link between the NAV and headrests or vice versa. I am someone who sits in the car and waits for a ferry from time to time, which can take a few hours. Having the same movie playing on all screens with the sound coming out of the speaker system would be nice. Yes, we can watch two or three different movies but often I would like to watch the same movie as the one being played in the back so being able to select the video to be played on the front Nav screen would be great!
Dave C 11/25/2013
I have a 2011 Flex and you can watch on all 3 monitors. Insert DVD into front player and in the back use the media button to select the source.
Jason M 04/13/2013
I agree aswell, Have you tried getting a movie to play on both DVD's while driving using the remote or reaching behind your head to get everything started. Were constatly asking, "what color is the screen?" I would be happy and less stressfull, if the Nav screen under the entainment section would include all the buttons "channel,play, stop
Brad B 12/28/2012
I would also like to see this implemented. Its already done on most GM vehicles with Nav and rear DVD so why not at least match the competition.
Roberto G 03/01/2012
I agree, I have to little ones and would love to be able to load a DVD up front or load a movie as a file through USB or a different way and have the movie play on the headrests and the front NAV screen. I take long trips with my wife and kids and Im sure my wife would love to watch a movie up front while the kids are watching one in the back.