By Mark G.

can all vehicles come with the premium displays like myford touch please
Dave Bristel 06/03/2011
Ford is working to update all the vehicles over the next few years to OFFER many of the newer features. The 2012 Taurus is the next car to get a refesh, and I believe the 2013 Fusion is also slated for the refresh. Keep in mind that since many people do not care for the MyFord Touch system right now, it SHOULD be an option. MyLincoln Touch is(or was) planned to become a standard feature on all Lincoln branded vehicles.

Making some new features be STANDARD is not the best idea, but having them be AVAILABLE as options is a good idea. I am not sure that adding it to the Fiesta would be the best idea though.
Juli 02/26/2011
Please no! The touchscreens on our phones don't even have all the kinks worked out yet and now you want to replace the entire console with one? I'm looking at buying an Edge and the Touch system is the thing I want the least. In fact I'm only looking at the base trim to avoid the full blown version. It would be the first thing in a new car to get buggy and decide to not tell you have much gas you have left, refuse to play your music, tell the air conditioner to blast hot air instead of cold. I could go on forever. Please, what's wrong with a button that you know will do what you want every time you push it and won't effect any other button if it happens to break??