Diesel engine for E Models

I was wondering if Ford will ever design a Diesel engine that will be installed in the E Series? I see a lot of loss sales in this type of van since Ford has not installed the Diesel engine. I service a lot of Ambulances and most are Fords, but in the last two years, the departments are going to other vans with diesel engines. The fuel mileage is better with the diesel and the maintenance is better on them than the gas engine. I hear that Units like the Ford E-Series because of the sound body and durability. Another important item is that parts are available when needed.
Ed Newman 12/22/2011
We've moved away from diesels because of the cost and emissions. How about a 3.7 Eco boost in the e-vans?
Brian Langston 12/15/2011
I have noticed a lot of people getting away from Ford's diesel engines. With all the problems they had with the 6.0, and even troubles with the turbos on the new engines. One repair shop told us that you have to remove the cab to remove the turbo on these units, seems like a lot of trouble to me.