Customizable Gauge Cluster

After having seen the gauge clusters of so many different vehicles, they all seem to have their own quirks and each person likes their cluster set up a certain way. So I had the idea that, since in new vehicles, such as the 2015 F150, there is already a very large screen in the cluster, why not make the entire gauge cluster a screen? Then make it entirely customizable (much like widgets on a phone or tablet) as to what each driver wants displayed, how they want it displayed (digital vs analog), how big they want it displayed, etc. Enable it to view nearly every vehicle function, include a memory feature much like is available for seat and mirror settings and I believe it would be a home run, especially in the pickup segment where we want to see as many vehicle functions as possible when doing things like towing. 
Lucas B 06/08/2014
I would like to have boost pressure on my fusion.
Darren T 04/05/2014
Agree! Like a digital speedometer would be nice. The analog gauge works, but depending how you sit and steering wheel angle the steering wheel blocks out some of the readings.