Bring the Cougar back under the Lincoln brand. The new Cougar should be based off the Mustang. With classic cougar styling, offer a 3.5L ecoboost and a 5.0L V8. This will help save Lincoln!
Douglas A 09/12/2012
Lincoln needs a 2 door luxo sport coupe -- badly. You Lincoln guys are going to make us go to the "foreigners" (BMW, Mercedes, etc) or worse -- CADDILAC (!) to get our car, are you?
Dennis N 08/23/2012
Upon getting out of the service around the time things were still hot in Viet Nam late 60s having served my two years of service, my first car upon return home was a Beautiful Black 1967 Courgar XR7 GT. with the 335 HP 390 there was noting to touch the car in my home town of Racine Wi. Of course the factory installed 411 gears and C-6 had all to do with it. So if the SVT Team could retro that car with an upgraded totally styled skin, and throw in the perfomace of the current Power Plant you build, no question in this 65 year olds mind, it is destine to be a hands down hit for American Perfomance and styling. Just Do IT!
Dennis Newman Parker Colorado.