Common Electronics Center

We have many electronic technologies out there , that provide us with all sorts of cool functions that make driving easier, and more fun, however, the amount of wiring, and circuitry needed to make all this happen adds weight, and the systems themselves can be hard to use, which can contribute to losses in vehicle sales. My idea is that Ford should create a system similar to My Ford Touch, but with larger dimensions, and similar controls of that of an Apple I-Pad, and place it within the dash of the vehicle. With this system, Ford should relay all user-based electronics through it such as climate control, radio systems, phone usage, and other electronic luxuries as to reduce the need for extra wiring, circuitry, and computer systems. This technology would be much easier to use, and as I've previously stated, with all electronics being relayed through one system, it would reduce the need for excessive wiring, and circuitry which in turn would reduce weight and drive prices down, thus increasing performance, fuel efficiency, and consumer interest. Through further development, Ford could relay more intricate controls through the system (such as cruise control, and other newly developed driving aides) while also decreasing the amount of wiring needed to make it work (maybe even to the point of being wireless). This is something I would love to see in future Ford vehicles.