By Joe F.

I have talked to sync and a ford rep on the phone and I have found out that as a FORD owner if our EXPLORER LIMITED gets stolen tha tthere is no way for the sync to locate the car. The reason for this note is that a good friend had his truck stolen last week and on star located it within 20 minutes. I belive that Ford should start the same thing in the sync system as onstar, there is no reason that Ford can not do this. The other thing is that the emergancy warning button in the middle of the dash wall below the screen is a bad spot. Thanks for the Limited Exp. and we hope that you HAVE A BLESSED WEEK. JOE FAULK
Paul D 11/02/2013
Great idea ! This is one of the features I miss most when I moved from a GMC Acadia to the Ford Escape.
michael w 10/24/2013
I agree with you Joe.  Onstar is a great feature on GM vehicles, plus it's backed up with an iOS and Android app as well. I think Ford would be doing it's customers a great service by making a similar feature standard on it's 2015 line up. 
Lisa H 04/08/2013
Great idea! I have an Edge and my emergency light button is also under my MyFord Touch screen and I couldn't tell you how many times I accidentally pressed it when touching the screen.