Car Frame

As we know each car manufacturer is looking for that product ortechnology that will separate it from other competitors out there. I think the car frame might do just that. Basically this is a frame located on the bumper or trunk that displays various informations. Using smart a cellphone you can personalize what you want on the frame. Facebook will be a great way to update information on frame. The frame will have different modes. Traffic mode, student driver mode, personilization mode (specialized name), ad mode, phrase mode to replace bumper stickers and team ford mode. For traffic mode for example it will inform the driver of the other vehicle is too close for the type of weather condition e.t.c. student driver mode will display left signal , right signal, stops and student driver will display on frame, personilization mode can be used to display special name for a car, clan name, college logo/school spirit i.e. bumper sticker mode will be for bumper sticker phrases. Ad mode will be to display business add. Car mode will be to interact with other ford vehicles that has the program i.e Hi Fusion or Focus. Go team Fusion....By teaming up with facebook individual can update displays on frame from the smart phones or computers. Last Since every thing is going digital Car plates may be set up to work in the frame. First with the ad mode, it is impossible to write down phone number for business when driving however, this program will allow you to store business ads and you can access then at your destination. For Licence plate frames, you will not need to go into bmv to update plates. all the plate information will automatically update in the frame. Information such as expiration dates and emission information if not performed. Cops will be able to access information by a mere click of the button since it wlll blue tooth and WiFi controlled. Cops will no longer have to look down why they are driving to type in the information.
Bill N 08/21/2014
It's distracting and would be abused.
Taiwo A 01/15/2013
Why give a negative rating when you cannot comment as to why? Second ford just came out with a coupon car and also similar to what I have on this invention idea. So, this is what I have to say " This is going to be the future of Cars if you like it or not"