BT Audio Song Info in Dash

For some reason, the dash entertainment Now Playing screen does not show the song info when playing music through bluetooth audio, even when the in-dash screen shows it. This just seems like a miss that should be an easy enhancement to replace the pointless "Bluetooth Stream Detected" message.
Matt S 07/15/2014
The point isn't that song data is missing.  It's that the song data is displayed on the center stack correctly, but shows on the lcd panel by the speedometer as "Bluetooth Stream Detected".  Why can't it show up correctly on both?
Aaron N 02/18/2013
This can often be attributed to the phone make and model. I know iPhones have very few Bluetooth functionalities (or profiles). Like they won't transmit song info, contact pictures from phonebooks, text messages, etc. It's really sad that it lags behind in so many areas. I have one and love it otherwise but it's not exactly the best choice for Sync functions.