Bring back the Ranger

Chevy decided to remake the Colorado and bring it back for 2015, and Toyota has a big part of the small truck market. You really need to make a new American Ranger or adapt the Australian Ranger to fit the needs and wants of the American people. A good idea would be making it a little larger, like the size of the Tacoma. I think people would really be interested in a smaller pick-up that can be a family vehicle while still being able to perform work!
David J 12/18/2013
Comment on this idea! Perfect idea. If Ford doesn't get the Aussie style Ranger here int he states, I'll probably wind-up with a Toyota Tacoma. 34 years of Ford trucks, right down the drain. My son just bought a new Toyota, because the Chevy is so troublesome and there is no Ford that is the right size. I really like it. So, when 'new car' time comes around in a year or so, if there is no new Ranger, I'll be forced to buy the Tacoma.
matt w 12/13/2013
I would like to see this as well. I don't think it needs to grow any though, maybe in cab length but not width, I loved the agility of the ranger.