Bring back the F100

Since Ranger is no longer in the Ford fleet, and mid-size trucks are running around, like the Chevy Colorado, why not bring back the F100 as a mid-size truck, replacing the Ranger?

There is a market for a mid-size truck and with the new techology, the F100 would be a prefect truck to fit this market.
John R 08/05/2013
I've got the money - sell me a compact pickup!  There is no scenario where I buy the F150.  I live in the suburbs, not on a ranch. 
Brandon H 07/31/2013
Thank about F100 with a v6 ecoboost for the performance guys and gals. And Ecoboost 2.0L for the Eco Minded people!! Sweetness
Daniel J 07/25/2013
with a v6 ecoboost