Bring Back Falcon

Bring back the falcon!. A 4 door version sharing the mid-size chassis with the mustang. V6 Ecoboost performance version mmmm yummy! (Please include Manual transmissions)
Paul S 04/16/2012
@michael m yes it does, it also has propane only as a option, and brad k ford wont as they are more money not amalgamating the cars. gm has bought the holden monaro over (pontaic gto) because hot rod magzine moaned that you cant buy it outside australia. and gm caved. bought the car in in a limited run. but the now orphan annie is the pontiac g6/g8. but no one wants them because its not 2 doors like the monaro. and gm has to sell them. ford doesnt want a problem like that. they dont want to bring a car that everybody wanted in the beginning but the new model came out and then get stuck with the car, because no one wants it. the only way you are going to get a lhd ford falcon is privatly import it then convert it. or just import whole car
Paul S 04/16/2012
@brad k make it the replacement for the crown vic before the cops dump the awd taurus for the charger/caprices
Allan C 03/29/2012
Okay what style of year? My old friend got one free from his grandpa. Think it was a 64'. Fun car!
Todd B 03/17/2012
If this were cost-competetive with a Mustang I would buy one.
Michael M 03/14/2012
It already exists, but only in Australia and New Zealand. It can out handle a Mustang and has an excellent 4.0 turbo straight 6
Brad K 03/13/2012
Or make the next Aussie Falcon capable of supporting left hand drive and sell it in the US. It could be a global RWD platform with the Mustang.
That's so great idea
because there should be a sport mid size sedan