bring back an engine

you guys should really think of bringing back the 7.3l that diesel engine made you guys legendary and if you can see you will see alot of old 7.3l running around still working thier butts off we have one all in great shape so please think and bring back the 7.3l make yourselves lengendary again some say that was the best engine ever made even the boys from and diesel power magazine
jennifer g 07/31/2012
I love my 7.3L diesel engine. I love the sound it makes everyday when I start the truck. My kids can hear me coming down the street. Make a new Excursion and with the new 6.7L diesel. That would be so GREAT!!!
Nestor R 07/17/2012
The 7.3L diesel was built by Navistar not Ford so even if they wanted they couldn't bring it back. Now what's so wrong with the 6.7L Power Stroke built entirely by Ford?