Bring AppLink to the 2013 Fusion with MFT!

By Adam S.

I think it's ridiculous that I spent extra money on a feature (My Ford Touch) only to LOSE AppLink. It's a great feature that should be available on my 2013 Fusion. Is Ford saying that in order to get AppLink with more features we should not get the touch screen navigation? Taking features away from people who spend more on an added accessory?
danny h 02/07/2014
Actually, they should just take out all the nice touchscreen features on MFT.  No more Sirius Controls, no AC controls, No music functions, etc...   That would fall in line with the thinking of the ford gurus for not putting Applink on the nice MFT system in the first place.  I'm shocked they yanked that feature on the upgraded systems we all paid for.
Chris 12/13/2013
Yes, please include a software update for AppLink. I have a 2013 Escape.
Peter G 12/12/2013
I couldn't agree more. AppLink is one of the best features of sync. To have the top of the line sync system and lose AppLink is ridiculous. Ford should fix this asap.
Bharat B 10/11/2013
Its high time Ford introduced AppLink on Mft. Or at least roll out Livio features for Mft.
Roberto O 04/12/2013
everybody is worrying about my ford touch with applink were mft touch cant even manage without it perfect my ford touch first then bring applink
Joe D 04/05/2013
This needs to happen soon. I could be wrong, but I think the problem is hardware and a significantly different codebase (MFT is mictosoft, while the smaller screen systems is probably some linux base or something else.) That being said, I can appreciate the effort takes while tackling the low hanging fruit to get a product out, but AppLink needs to be standard on all vehicles and should be the next big improvement in the backlog.
John W 03/25/2013
I agree 100%! Why pay the extra money for the technology package to get less technology! All the hardware is there, just make an update so we can add APPLINK PLEASE!!!!!!
MJ 03/20/2013
It doesn't make sense to pay an extra $1000 for MFT 8" display, over just going with the stock 4.2 LCD display. When all your really getting is a larger dispay that is also a touch screen. BIG DEAL! Applink should be integrated into the MFT 8" regardless. Why even go with a bigger screen if you can't visually see more, or have control of mobile apps via touch screen. It's just dumb. They should also make updates available to people who want those features, i don't care if i have to pay for it. If you want to be innovative and adaptive, why limit its capability. There has to be a way to update even a non-nav based MFT to include 3D mapping and all the other Nav.features.
Andy W 02/22/2013
Not just the Fusion. Bring Applink to all MFT vehicles. The competition is starting to advertise similar features with their high end infotainment systems and it is necessary to stay competitive.