Bluetooth audio: automatically resume playing on bluetooth device reconnect

I have a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with the stock radio. It has bluetooth audio (bta) and Sync capabilities. I have an iPhone 5 now, but it did the same thing with an iPhone 4S.

I listen to bta nearly all the time.  It's really great!  However, when I turn my car off and return to the car later, it tries for only a fraction of a second to reconnect to the bluetooth media stream.  Then it defaults to another audio source (usually line-in).  So, I have to push the Sync button and say "Bluetooth Audio" in order for the audio stream to restart where it left off.

I have owned the car for 18 months now, and I estimate that I have said "Bluetooth Audio" at least 3,600 times.  (My wife tells me I now say "Bluetooth Audio" in my sleep).

The radio appears to wait only a second before defaulting to another audio source.  As you know, bluetooth devices can take a while to sync back up.  I assume this is a software issue.  Can you increase the timeout before it defaults to another audio source?  Can you provide an update that accomplishes this?

I don't want to have to say "Bluetooth Audio" every time I get in my car!

Thanks for listening.
Michael S 10/01/2014
I have the same problem in my 2013 Ford Focus SE with Sync Gen1 - V4.1.2.F - It's very frustrating. Intersestingly when I drove a 2014 Focus SE rental, the engineers seemed to have realized they goofed in years past and it reconnected to bluetooth almost instantly and also had softkey button options to switch to usb or Line In audio sources.
Erick G 08/14/2014
I have the same problem 2012 Ford Fusion do you know how hard it is to say bluetooth audio with your friends yelling Cancle Stop please add a funtion to remember the last source input....
Michael D 07/26/2014
We have a 2014 Expedition with the same trouble.  
Brad S 06/24/2014
$45,000 truck with a broken radio. Thanks Ford.
Rick 06/20/2014
Same problem with my 2012 FX4, just make it remember the last used input.  The $300 Alpine in my work van does, it's way better than sync!  Ford, spend a little time with Alpine or Apple!
Michael P 06/19/2014
Blackberry QNX already has said their OS can be used on the Sync system. FoMoCo show your loyal customers that you do care and give everyone an upgrade to QNX. We were all product testers for Sync.. 
John W 06/16/2014
2013 F150 here, and I agree with this being aproblem. I think this optin should be configurable as well. At minimum, I would like to be able to even select Bluetooth Audio from the steeing wheel menu and not have to say "Bluetooth Audio" every time I get in the car. Annoying and should be fixed!
Speed M 06/10/2014
I have a Ford Fusion Sport 2012 and I would like to have the choice of what my default input is.
Please implement this crucial piece to the system. Thank you.
Bobby 06/08/2014
I have a 2013 GT and I would like the choice of what my default input is. 
Kevin J 05/13/2014
This was my BIGGEST complaint with SYNC in my 2011 F150 XLT. I just leased a 2014 F150 FX4 and noticed that it now connects to BTA every time I get in and out if it was being listened to previously. I wasn't expecting it, so it was a very pleasant surprise!
Paul R 04/15/2014
Same problem in the 2013 Mustang GT.
Ethan S 03/25/2014
This is a "Feature" of sync. Defaulting into line in and not giving the owner the option to set the default, or have it default to the last one in use, is crazy. Folks should really comment on Ford's FaceBook site as well.
Shawn S 02/17/2014
I purchased a used mks. I could not get metadata with bluetooth. I noticed an udpate was available. The update description showed improvements to bluetooth and voice functionality. I stupidly installed it. Now, not only do I not have bluetooth metadata... I also have to manually set bluetooth audio every single time I get in my car. I really wish the people who published the description for the update would have mentioned that.
Jared A 02/16/2014
I have a 2013 Edge SE and I too have to say "Bluetooth Audio" several times a day.  It is infuriating.  The stereo should always stay on the input that the driver selects.  It should never ever change without input from the user.  It should try at least 30 seconds to reconnect with the Bluetooth device at startup, and if it can't find the device, it should just remain silent.  Automatically switching to the radio is a jarring, horrible experience, as it is usually is much louder than the Bluetooth stream.Also, because Bluetooth, USB and Line in all share the Aux channel, you should be able to keep pressing the Aux button to cycle through those three sources.  This would eliminate the frustration with having to rely on the slow, inaccurate voice system.
Noel C 02/12/2014
I have a 2013 Ford F150. I wish I had a positive comment to post.Ford Sync has totally missed the mark. I cannot believe Ford has not addressed this problem. When friends, family and coworkers ask for my opinion on the vehicle, this is literally the first comment I have for others.I would advise any potential buyer to spend 5 mins to Google the dissatisfaction with this product on countless forums.Ford needs to fix this immediately.
Steve 02/08/2014
I have a 2013 F-250 which defaults to line in and it drives me nuts.  The system should just remember the last connection you used or allow you to at least set the default
Kevin J 02/05/2014
My 2013 F150 does this. Please fix it.
Ed P 01/28/2014
I have the exact same issue with my 2013 Edge SE with bluetooth and Sync.

Please fix this!
Chris S 01/27/2014
I agree, having to say Bluetooth Audio every time is extremly annoying. Especially due to the fact that it used to default to Bluetooth Audio in previous versions of sync. You would think it would be a simple line of programming to add in the option in the menu to set a default input. Been waiting for over a year now, Ford.
David P 12/06/2013
No other bluetooth device I have ever owned has worked as poorly as the bluetooth audio in my Ford Edge with Sync?!?! I have a $25 device that attaches to the visor that works 100% of the time. I would rather use that and have it retransmit the audio over a radio station than have to keep fooling with reconnecting my phone every time I start the car.

You guys are leading the way in in car electronics! Do so the right way please.