Blind People have cars

By Kim W.

Have cars that drive them selves. I would like to have a car drive me to my location while I sit and talk with my 4 1/2 year old. This would also give blind or people who can't drive them selves the freedom of having a vehicle and being mobile again.
My Niece, who is a brain cancer survivor and is blind, has not been able to drive she is 22 now. She relies on family members to drive her to and from school since she lives in a rural area that doesn't have a bus or taxi available. It would be great if she could get into her car, tell her car her location (I want to go to the nearest McDonald's) and have that car drive her to her location. 
We have computers that handle everything, why can't we trust them to drive us to our locations? There can be a separate driving lane for these types of cars so that we don't have to pay attention to the traffic or other drivers.
It would help out a lot of disabled americans who do have mobility issues and of course let us parents enjoy chatting with our families to and from school or work. Thank you