Better volume button on the Edge 2012


I have an Edge 2012 and while it is close to great, something keeps bugging me since I have it. I find that it is almost impossible to get the volume sound that you want thanks to the imperfect volume control button. Not only the "grades" mean nothing, as it goes by 2, I suggest you go at 110 km/h on a highway, with the kids sleeping in the back, and try to find a great volume. The radio will be either too low, and when you just turn 1 grade to the right, it automatically becomes way too loud. There's nothing that fix this, not even the option that the sound goes with the speed you're doing. Somebody needs to fix this soon as the radio sounds great....but the volume control is really frustrating.
Damon Ronald 05/29/2013
Not sure I understand the purpose of this?
dominic p 04/07/2013
Ford was never known for their stereo systems. I own a 2010 Ranger and a 1992 Toyota Camry. My Camry today compared to my Ranger has a better stereo system.