Better virtual MFT buttons

By Alan M.

Please tell microsoft about how when you are driving on bumpy roads it is very difficult to not have your hand bounce up and down as you try to select virtual buttons in the middle of the screen.

What this means is buttons that are close together in rows (e.g. like the radio presets) are very difficult to press reliably. I have had occasions where trying to select a preset I press the one underneath it or dead space above it repeatedly before "finding" it - due to vehcle movement.

So what to do? make the buttons bigger vertically - And space them apart more. There is room to do this. Its a vertical not lateral issue (yet of course the buttons are wide and short)

Do the Microsoft developers not actually test their user interface on the road while actually driving? hard to believe they wouldn't have figured this out for themsleves if they did!

Simple things help a lot - probably also enhances readability.