Battery Health Meter (BHM)

The idea is to provide the customer a battery charge status indicator on the dashboard, similar to low tire pressure or low fuel level indicator, when Engine is off. Many times, customers like to use onboard devices such as Radio/CD/MP3 players, charging ports or Lights (Exterior or Interior) when they are parked. By knowing the battery charge level, one can keep using the accesories or devices up until the battery status indicator flashes and chimes indicating a low level. This will prompt the customer to stop the usage or start the Engine for continued use. This feature is specially helpful when the batteries are older and fail to hold charge.
This feature can be programmed to indicate the battery health (Battery Health Meter) in its normal state under vehicle running condition. By prompting the customer to replace the battery soon, it will help customers from getting stranded on the road. This is akin to a Oil change or Service reminder on dashboard.
William J. M 02/03/2014
maybe the vehicle should be able initiate some sort of action maybe 1 or more of the following, a text to the owner, an emergency check and manipulation of systems that allow it to start itself and charge the battery, or to just cut everything off untill the owner does the start up itself. we mostly all have smart devices in our life, but I think we should stay ahead of them.