Backup Option for SYNC

I purchased a 2011 Exploder Limited in March of 2011. As a Computer Engineer working for US Government, I believe that there were certain items left out of the Software Requirements for the SYNC system, namely a user-controlled USB-capable Backup facility. I've not upgraded to the new Performance Upgrade as it would completely wipe out my system (including all of my Navigation Points) settings when performing the upgrade. As a former Computer Network Manager, I can assure you that no System Admin in his/her right mind would perform a major system update/upgrade without having a good backup in hand to restore from if the update/upgrade did not take. Ford/Microsoft has apparently not done their homework (or at least did not peer review the subsystems) before they rolled it out to the customers and now that they've released Ver. 3.x, those of us with Sync Ver. 2.11 with Navigation (for the Exploder; I can't comment on the version numbers for other vehicles but I'm sure that problem exists for them also) are without credible options. Ford Customer Service management has flatly refused to acknowledge the problem and simply says "DO THE UPGRADE". So I ask you - does anyone at Ford Technology have a Sync Ver. 2.11 patch to allow a user to backup JUST the Navigation Waypoints that have been captured during ownership (approximately 40+ locations that are not all regular street addresses) before performing a SYSTEM RESET and installing the Performance Upgrade?
Andy W 02/22/2013
Totally agree. It is especially frustrating when you take your car in for service and they do the upgrade for you, and you haven't had a chance to at least write down all of the presets and such that you have setup over time.
It's only by digging through each of the menus do you find all of the settings that were reset and need to be changed again.
I want to be able to set up my vehicle settings and just not worry about them again.
Al B 02/12/2013
I agree; this to me seems like a basic system function that should not be hard to program. I have asked for this in the past, but it seems like no one is listening. Like they put up this site just to make us feel like they care, but they don't.