Aux Input Defaults

By Lane P.

Everytime I start the car and I want to listen to an Usb or Bluetooth device. I have go to Menu > Sync Media > Select Source > Usb. MyFord will not let me select the default source or save the last used one. This is frustrating, and seems like a simple fix.

Solution: Allow users with MyFord Sync (w/o Touch) in all car models to save the default Aux input for when the car turns on to Usb or Bluetooth. At the very least it should save the last used input out of convenience. The Radio button saves your last listened to station, the Aux input should too.

Many other car manufactuers save the Aux input, so I was surprised to see it on my Focus. If you look online, there are many discussion forums and posts of frustrated customers. I hope this can be resolved!
Dennis M 07/26/2014
My 2014 F150 XLT SYNC with MyFord sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.

I only use FM and USB.  Mostly USB.  If shut off in FM, it always turns on in FM.  If shut off in USB, it turns back on in USB only about half the time.  I haven't been able to figure out why.
Ethan S 03/25/2014
This issue is pretty well known deficiency in the Sync system. Ford really needs to step up to the plate and resolve.
Brian C 03/10/2014
I use Pandora and Apple radio on Bluetooth. Please set it to go back to whatever the input was set last time the the receiver was used.
Brian M. 02/21/2014
Mine did the same thing for a while if I turned it off then back on without first opening the door. The last update seemed to fix it for me.
Ernie P 02/19/2014
I have an'13 F150 xlt that does the same thing. Everytime I turn the truck on and off, it will come back up on something different. I especially hate when it comes back on the aux line in because then you have to go back through the menu to get it play back on the usb.
Michael S 02/08/2014
I wish the exact same thing. It's pretty poor design to have to navigate through that many menus to get to the bluetooth source or have to say it. Sometimes I don't want to yell "Bluetooth Audio" at my car because I might be having a conversation with a passenger.