AppStore on Sync My Ride

By Dan B.

I am one of many frustrated customers with a pre-owned 2011 Ford Edge. Sure the recent MFT update fixed many bugs in the MFT system but the system is not 100%. I understand that Ford has to pay for design and development of updates. Why not create a pay for customization system. This system could be run off Sync My Ride and could mimic the XBOX 360 dash board customization price points. Ultimately I would like Applink. However, if Ford was to run it off of the Sync My Ride site it would allow the system to do pre-installation checks, allow the user to see what the customized system would look like, it is easier to use a computer than MFTand finally it would allow for controls to be added preinstallation that would prevent system crashes due to improper use. As many owners already have their current system on file with sync my ride, sync my ride could ensure that the correct updates and customizations were added. Lastly this would create the app store that could subsidize future updates for systems like Applink or other customer appreciate updates.