Apps for MyFord Touch

You put Pandora control on the cheaper versions of your Sync vehicles, but for those of us who 'splurged' on MyFord Touch - we only get bluetooth 'control'.  Give us our apps!    (repeat same comment for every app).
Brian M 04/20/2014
This is a no brainer! Should have been available from the start. The multiple nsalespeople that I spoke with before purchasing my 13 fusion titanium thought that it was! 
Douglas J 04/01/2014
Plus Sirius traffic colors along route are same color...very difficult to see green traffic condition next to green Route.
Ed C 02/13/2014
It would be great if we could control our smartphones through MyFord Touch. At a minimum we should be able to display the google maps app from the phone on the screen with traffic. Sirius is terribly slow to update traffic and a lot of roads are not monitored.