Antenna Location

By Mark O.

Ford will have better results with the reception of Satellite radio if they located the antennas on the driver's side of the vehicle. The Satellite Radio operates on "Line of Sight" and is hindered by physical objects. Most physical objects are trees, buildings, and other structures that are located on the passenger side of the vehicle in the US. If the antenna was on the driver's side, it would be less likely to be hindered by these objects. Simple fix.
John Swyka 02/09/2012
If there's one small thing I do not like about my Mustang, it's that little sattelite antenna on the trunk lid. On our Taurus it's not so bad, but I would much prefer that we start trying to incorporate the sattelite antennas into other parts of the vehichle. I wonder if it would be possible to hide the sattelite antenna into the side mirrors.