Altitude on navi

For explorers with navi the altitude should be displayed. After all it is supposed to be an SUV, why give extra info pertaining to the outdoors
Jeff J 07/29/2013
This is an excellent idea! I think the perfect place to display it would be along the right side of the overview map, as that space is currently empty. Sure, when the "Next Step" half-screen pops up, altitude would be obscured, but that's fine, as it's not really important. But it is interesting info, so it would be nice to have it there when room allows. Yes, Ford, please do this!
Kaci W 12/30/2012
I agree! I would love to see this feature added!
William S 12/30/2012
While you are at it add in GPS speed. My speedometer is off as I have proved with my handheld GPS and 3 citations. Again the technology is already there just give us the info.
Brad B 12/28/2012
This is a great idea since the vehicles with Navigation are already pulling this information from the GPS satellites. Its just a matter of the MFT software displaying it on the screen.
Juston P 12/28/2012
I agree. My Aftermarket NAV displays altitude...