All New Ford Ranger

I have owned a Ranger for the last 10 years and my current model is a 2010 sport 4wd version. I am very sad to see the model discontinued. Every dealer I have talked to says the same thing. They sell a lot of fleet vehicles as Rangers.

So here is what I want to know. Why can't Ford do a total redesign of the Ranger to a little more up to date look and incorporate the V6 Mustang engine and the Sync radio features? If you stick that engine in a new Ranger it will get even better mileage than the Mustang because it is lighter. Plus it would go real fast! :) Sync is just because I like it.

You would not even have to change the pickup bed dimensions just maybe the outside a little. That way I can swap over my bed cover to the new one.

I would like to see this because I have no interest in a full size pickup in the least and will keep the Ranger for the next 20 years unless Ford comes out with a new Ranger to replace it.
Justin L 11/16/2012
We need the Ranger that is available everywhere else in the world, with a diesel engine. Ford should stop worrying about steeling sales from F-150 and start trying to steele them back from Toyota and GM. The Full size trucks are too Full Size!
John E 10/16/2012
Come on Ford, you can do it...we want it. I'm still not seeing how the Ranger would hurt F-150 sales. Different target market there. And with the diesel option Ford will have gained many many loyal customers. And brought a truck for the ages into the US.
Wish we had the option to buy the new Ford Ranger.
Ed G 08/28/2012
They do have a new ranger 2012. Look up Ford Austraila. Marketing should bring this truck here.