Add Siri command to Sync

Now that Apple has commitments from 9 auto manufacturers to add a "Siri" button to the steering wheel it looks like they are going for vehicle integration.

Ford can beat all of them by simply adding some sort of Siri command to Sync ("Siri" wouldn't work as its too close to "Sirius"--tried it! LOL). From the looks of it activating Siri is as simple as hitting the "Call" bluetooth button--it shouldn't take to long to add that kind of functionality in (and especially with MFT/MLT vehicles it would appear as Siri was part of sync: press the sync button say the command and you're talking to Siri--not much different from using Sync services now).

The advantage here is not only would you beat the 9 manufacturers everyone with an iPhone 4S and an existing MFT/MLT vehicle would be just a software upgrade away...
Matt S 07/15/2014
It wouldn't even have to be Siri-specific. A long-press of the voice button could trigger the paired phone's voice dial feature. On iPhone that'd be Siri. On Android, either Google Now or S-Voice. On Windows phone, Cortana. That way it's useful no matter what phone you have.
John H 05/24/2014
It would be fantastic if Ford Sync could fully intergrete with iPhone's Siri! Something like, you'd press the Voice Button, then say "Phone Voice Command" then Sync would activate Siri! Then you'd use Siri as you normally would! Just how awesome would that be?? 
Len 03/21/2014
I own a Ford escape with lousy Microsoft software.  Would love to dump it and replace it with Apple software, including Siri.  The Microsoft voice software is downright annoying
Steven W 03/27/2013
Apple and Micorosft work together on a lot of stuff these days there is no reason Ford cannot integrate Siri into the Sync System. It supports iPod obviously so there is already some Apple support. Fully Siri support combined with Ford Sync or MFT would leave Ford unmatched by competitors. Or do they really want Chevy to win this one?
Stan U 01/26/2013
Oh you can bet there are a lot of things Ford cannot do having sourced Microsoft for MFT design! And Siri is near the top of that list. MFT is essentially a tablet computer with a bad interface in your dashboard. I would like it to be as easily removable as a cassette or SD card, and configurable through your desktop or laptop computer. Configuration could include radio presets, music playlists, gps and maps, interface themes, anything you can do now on most tablets and smartphones. For safety reasons, it should have minimal configuration access when it is in the car.
Jack B 11/28/2012
Although I am able to engage Siri via Bluetooth and Synch's hands free mic not having true Siri functionality is a major drawback. I am hopeful that Ford will truly integrate Apple's "Eyes Free" Siri interface into Synch as Chevy & other competitors are.

I use Apple products extensively due to workflow issues in video production and don't want to be forced to choose to either ditch my iOS devices or my vehicle of choice - the Ford Explorer.

I am anxious to see Ford address this issue and it's disappointing to see other automakers move ahead of Synch when it comes to fully integrating the single most popular US mobile device model into its vehicles.
Jared B 08/03/2012
I agree. But rather than activating Siri by having to say "Siri", perhaps the voice control button on the steering wheel could be used to activate it. On my Ford Focus (in Australia), when the voice control button is pressed, it starts the Ford's own voice assistant. Perhaps Ford could change it (via a software update) so that if the button is held down for about a second, it activates Siri instead. This is similar to the way Siri is activated on the iPhone, where users have to hold down the home button to activate it.
Jake J 07/14/2012
This idea does seem stupid not to put into use, but Ford's Sync is made by microsoft and using Apple's Siri could violate a written contract or unspoken contract between Ford and Microsoft.
Brad B 06/27/2012
The iPhone is the most widely used smartphone in the world. To not add SIRI functionality while the competition does would not be wise.