Add MyFord Touch to cars without this feature.

I think it would be great to be able to upgrade the regular Sync system in my car to a MyFord Touch! (:
karlson 01/07/2014
I would like to downgrade from MYFord Touch in my 2013 Edge. I miss the sync from my 2009 Escape.
Steve G 04/06/2013
What Laura said. You*really* don't want My Ford Touch. Until they make it work reliably. It's a great system when it works. Which is sometimes.
Laura M 11/29/2012
I highly recommend NOT putting my Ford Touch into ANY more vehicles until it is thoroughly tested and verified. There are so many bugs in this software I can't believe that any verification or validation was done, let alone doing usibility studies with real drivers, not the engineers who designed the system.

I wish I had the option to NOT have it in my new Taurus SHO because it is so difficult to use, so full of bugs and so distracting while driving. In order to do ANYTHING, change climate, change the radio input, look at a map, or even just turn on your seat heater, you HAVE to take your eyes off the road. And voice recognition is so poor that trying to do these tasks with voice commands is nearly impossible.