Active Noise Control

By Jay C.

Your rep told me that the ANC works only if the sound system is turned on and playing something. Yet the time when I want the noise control the most is when I am not listening to music and want a quiet ride. It seems that you should have a "channel" on the sound system that produces no music/voice/etc., just the ANC output
I actually agree with you on that one, I had a bit of Misshap with mine. Believe it or not. Im in the 93' Lincoln Towncar/Jck Nicklaus **Special Edition. I love cars myslef, so my first steps, (spaced out over the last 2 weeks...Was getting this car back up and running and into shape, and hey...i tell ya...This puppy is worth it. I had my doubts but in the end GREAT CAR. And yes, i agree with you..seems to me the best noise contyrol on the car is when the System is off, the Antenna doesnt project unless the Radio System is on, I also noticed on Overdrive it performs more efficient. Just had an Oil Change done. this bad boy has les than 170k on the dash. For a 93' Top Gunnin' for you. Ford, I need the Keys to the 2013. Then maybe all else will look in the mirror and say..."Look at Me Now"
Bob E 10/18/2012
I'm not really familiar with ANC, but assume it cancels extraneous noises. My only worry is that ANC could interrupt necessary sounds such as sirens and horns.