3.5 EcoBoost

By Will H.

I think that the warranty of the new trucks need to be upgraded with todays time.. I think maybe 67 yr. with a 100,00075,000 mile warranty.. If y'all say the truck will last over 150,000 miles then why not back it up with a good warranty?? To me the only way to prove it is to show it in the warranty..

Also I think it would be a great idea to add more info in to the 4.2 inch screen.. I think it would be nice to have the mph there also have temp off everything and also the volts and more.. That is just my idea's
Chad Cornett 07/11/2011
I agree 100%. With the import companies offering 10yr/100Mile warrenties on a majiority of their vehicals, the American companies are WAY behind in warrenty coverage. Also as mentioned the way to show the confidence in your product is to back it up with a warrenty. The Ecoboost torture test was awesome and is partly what made me buy one, but a warrenty to back it up would really instill confidence.

Also I agree 100% on the enhancement of the in-dash display. There needs to be a TPMS display showing tire pressure in each tire instead of a generic warning light. Also there absolutly needs to be a turbo boost gauge, I don't understand why ford engineers left this out? That digital gauge has soo much potential and yet seems like it was totally not taken advantage of.

Which by the way, I'd like to see these gauge upgrades on the CURRENT 2011+ models, it's a simple flash upgrade, I don't want to see it offered on FUTURE models leaving us first adopters out. If I see that I WON'T be buying a new model guarenteed. Being a simple flash upgrade there is NO reason this can not be done to current models.