2014 1/2 Mustang

I really would like Ford to call the 50th anniversary Mustang when it is released, the '14 and a 1/2, like they did in '64, instead of calling it the 2015. Be a great way to start the next 50 years of the Mustang. Man, wish I could be here for the 100th, but I'd have to be 108, and after having bladder cancer, I really don't believe I'll make it, even if I never even caught a cold a day in my life. My oh my, I'm looking forward to this new 'Stang!! Bring it on!!
Tina 07/26/2013
Tina B I think the ideal tribute to the 50 th anniversary would be to make a body of the 64 1/2 with all the bells and whistles of cars today.
Mark Verch 05/30/2013
My dad took me to the local Ford dealership on 4-17-64 to see my first Mustang. I've had Mustangs since 1975. I currently have an '06 Legend Limer. God willing next April 17th I'll be able to take my Dad, who will be 89 back to the same dealership for the 50th.
Mark H 05/18/2013
For the 50th anniversary Mustang How about another Boss 429 with all the new tech it could be 1,000 HP at least with great mileage too.