2014 1/2 Mustang special production

I think that the Ford motor company should produce a limited number of 50th anniverasary mustangs with the exact body and interrior as the original 64 1/2, but with all the newest technology under the hood and inside the dash. new brakes, suspension, LED lighting, GPS, sound system, power everything. high performance and fuel efficient, but from the outside it should be exactly the same as the original, with a 50th anniversary badge behind the pony. If they produced about 1,000 as a limited production they would be one of the hottest items ever.
Jeff H 09/05/2013
Christian, the affordable, fun to drive car is the Focus ST, however it probably won't take down a Corvette. No matter it's still a blast to drive!
Rogelio Gamez 07/04/2013
The idea is great, you could use the '99 Cougar V6 and make it a front wheel drive.
Christian M 06/19/2013
They should make a car to reaffirm the pony car idea and have it be for the youth by keeping it simple cheap and spare no expense on making this car as fun to drive as taking down a corvette.