2013 F150 Guages

By Kyle B.

Just purchased a new 2013 f150 crew I was quite surprised to see a nice digital dash but i couldnt beleive in the gauges section there wasnt a digital speedo? You should be able to flip over to that or even a heads up speedo. I find the analog speedo arm to large and its hard to tell exactly how fast you are driving.

As a side note, part of this issue could be the location of the speedo, since its on the right vs left which i feel with the speedo arm size makes it harder to tell.
Dave M 11/03/2013
I agree Justin. I really can't believe they did not have that. why do I want to glance at a laundry list or a blank space. It needs to be retrofitted at no charge.
Justin mcgarry 01/16/2013
look up led test and gage test for ford f150 if you follow the instructions you can get the mph in the lcd the downside is you have to do those steps every time you drive but i 100% agree or they should come out with heads up display i had that in one of my old cars and it was the best thing since sliced bread