2012 Ford C-Max US Spec Audio

First off, can't wait for the C-Max to debut, I need this car!!! I remember an ad campaign not too long ago from Honda that emphasized the audio in their minivan, trying to make it "cooler for Dads to drive" vehicle. Well, with the impressive MPG and versatility of the C-Max, add an underseat subwoofer for the driver's seat. This will make the driving experience tailor-made to the one who is driving. For me, I need the seating configuration that C-max has, but most of the time, I'm commuting 60 miles to work solo, and I want to enjoy my experience. Putting a sub-box in the back would severely limit the already strapped storage area behind the back 2 seats, so strategically placing one under the driver's seat would add to the Sony audio experience and make it more appealing to those who want/need that audio kick in the low end. My current sub has 375 watts, and can rattle the eyeballs pretty well. Having that under the driver's seat and tuned to the vehicle's acoustics can make it an easy sell to both the parents who want to enjoy what they drive. Thanks!!
Navendu Misra 04/30/2011
Ford should move quickly on c-max it will have highest MPG in thsi class and would be a huge impact
Scott Lanz 04/25/2011
I commute about 100 miles and my wife about 75 miles per day in the same vehicle. Efficiency and durability are far more important to me rather than a super hot stereo system.
My kids are the ones that 'desire' the optimum in stereo performance. So long as it pumps from my IPod and mini-USB port and isn't distorted, I don't need to alarm the mule deer 1/2 mile away!